Monthly Archives: January 2020

Make America’s/Canada’s Payday Your Clients’ Payday

It’s really more of a pay “period”. January 27th through April 15th for U.S. residents, and January 1st through April 30th for our Canadian friends, these are the days a majority of us will file our 2019 taxes. This graph (U.S. tax refund statistics) shows that a large percentage procrastinate and file during the last week. Now, and… [Read More]


Getting Them Off to a GREAT Start Today, hiring good people is a challenge in itself; keeping them is a whole different ballgame. When it comes to hiring and adding new people to your sales team, it’s imperative that they get off to not only a good start, but a GREAT start. In the human… [Read More]

The Cookie Lady

As an advertising sales rep, what are you known for? Is it for providing great customer service? Coming up with brilliant business strategies and ideas for promotions, sales events, or ad copy? Is it for helping your clients in other areas of their advertising beyond your medium, like digital, social, core customer mailings, etc.?  Or… is it… [Read More]

Set, Ready, Grow!

There are a lot of great things about being in media sales; every day is different, you’re not stuck behind a desk, you work with many different types of businesses and people, outside sales offer a level of flexibility, and for the most part YOU are responsible for what you earn. But my favorite is that… [Read More]