Yearly Archives: 2018

Who’s Getting the Credit?

How many times have you heard an advertiser say, “We ask every person that calls or comes through our door how they heard about us.” The answers vary, but prior to the New Media Age (digital/social), it was typically newspaper, direct mail or the Yellow Pages that garnered most of the credit. Why do the customers… [Read More]

What a Way to Make a Living!

Have you ever noticed how negatives seem to jump out at you and smack you in the forehead, and the positives can go unnoticed or taken for granted? Your sales reps hear the negatives every day, “No one listens to radio anymore”, No one listens to your stations”, “Your prices are too high”, “I’m cutting… [Read More]

GREAT Ads Start With…

Nobody, and I mean nobody, listens to your stations for the ads.  The trick is, making people “HEAR” the ads!  Unless your listeners hear the ads and have an emotional connection, (sometimes logical), the ads won’t work, period! So, how do you win in advertising?  It starts with having a strategy….“What does the business want… [Read More]

Be a Part of the Solution, Not the Problem!

Starting this Friday (now Thursday), the biggest shopping days of the year begin and your clients, particularly your retail clients, are scared to death. It’s not J.C. Penny, Best Buy or Walmart that scares them. Today, it’s Amazon and the many thousands of other online minions that are trying to gobble up their customers and rain… [Read More]

The Story of Bob’s Tire Store

TOMA/Branding is still King! Let’s pretend that you walked out to your vehicle this morning and noticed you had a flat tire!  *$#*@!#&!! … And, it’s not just flat, it’s ruined! If you’re like most people, your next step would be to go to the internet and search one of two things; 1) Tire stores in (your… [Read More]