Monthly Archives: March 2014

Thanks to You

Many of the biggest business success stories have sprung from models more focused on adding value to peoples’ lives than on the dogged pursuit of profits. Henry Ford’s mission, for example, was to create a car the masses could afford. Google’s mission was to make information universally accessible and useful, and of course the profits… [Read More]

How to be King

You’ve often heard people like me, or the Wizard of Ads Roy Williams, and even some of the Internet gurus say “copy is king” or “content is king”.  But copy can’t be king without royal input! I’ve often counselled advertisers that “There is no such thing as a media which does not work; there are… [Read More]

Go Native on Radio

“Native advertising”, advertising that doesn’t look like advertising, is all the rage with the online folks in their attempt to capture the attention of consumers in an increasingly fragmented and cluttered world. Native advertising is the integration of marketing content in any media in such a way that it is not distinctly different from the… [Read More]

Radio ROI: Don’t wait until it’s too late!

 We seem to be asked more and more about radio’s ROI (Return on Investment) these days. By the time an advertiser conducts a “survey” to determine if customers were motivated by radio, they are already beginning to question our results and turning that doubt into confidence is no easy task. Very often that doubt is… [Read More]