Monthly Archives: August 2009

Absence of Body Language

 © by Wayne Ens             If you haven’t noticed, the skills required for selling and building customer relationships in the business-to-business world have changed dramatically in recent years.             In a recent MarketingSherpa survey, buyers and sales people were asked, “Why do buyers leave?”             Not surprisingly, the top answer with sales people was “price”…. [Read More]

Magic Formula

© by Wayne ENS            My friend Bill Dawkins at Magic FM, told me about a ‘magic’ call formula the folks at Val Pak, the coupon envelope people, use when selling local advertisers.             Bill told me he had bought a Val Pak franchise a number of years ago, but did not believe their call… [Read More]

Pareto Principle

         © by Wayne ENS               I often encounter managers who confuse activity with productivity, especially managers thrust into a multi-tasking environment, wearing several hats with multiple mandates.             Coaching them to employ the old 80/20 rule in their time management has been one of the most valuable tools I’ve been able to give them.            … [Read More]

Building Trust

          You may have seen this sales tip last week from John Potter, VP Training for the Radio Advertising Bureau.           John said, “I used an insurance man for years.  He took me to breakfast for a review of my insurance needs every six months.  At the conclusion of reviews, more often than not, he… [Read More]

Advertising Works

© by Wayne Ens                        The most successful stations I work with are visible everywhere in their communities, in pursuit of audience.             But I’m convinced their high visibility does even more for their revenues than it does for their ratings!             Prospects who don’t listen to your station can get the impression that everyone… [Read More]