Monthly Archives: July 2008

Power of the Paper Trail

Harness the Power of the Paper Trail           The value equation is simple; Value = Your Customer’s Expectation + or – Your Customer’s Actual Experience.           Here is the good news. YOU control both ends of this important equation. Value is a perception rather than a reality, and you have the tools to create realistic… [Read More]

The Nicest Lie

The Nicest Lie           If you are working with the real decision-maker in an organization and they turn down your proposal because “it’s not in the budget”, you’ve just been lied to!           Business owners often find it easier to turn you down by blaming their budget rather than your station, your idea, your audience… [Read More]

Sunglasses Media

The Sunglasses Media          If you are selling local radio or TV advertising, get out your sunglasses….your future has never been brighter.         There have always been two basic types of media; intrusive media, are those media which reach and influence people while they go about their daily activities and while they are making brand… [Read More]

You Might Be Customer Focused If…

You Might Be Customer Focused If…              A lot of sales organizations today recognize how profitable being customer-focused can be, and subsequently ‘claim’ to be customer-focused.             Here’s a litmus test to help you determine if your customer-focus claim is valid.             You might be customer-focused if…   1.) You know that focusing on helping… [Read More]

Selling the Sellers

Selling the Sellers             Successful business initiatives are seldom a result of democracy.  New initiatives require the passionate leadership and commitment of focused management and their teams to be successful.           Many sales managers confuse achieving staff buy-in for strategic new initiatives with winning their staff’s popular vote.           It’s a universal truth that management… [Read More]