Monthly Archives: June 2016


After reading our ENS on Sales about the absurdity of patting ourselves on the back for achieving ‘record sales’, an astute client pointed out there is one ‘record’ worth pursuing… record profits. We can’t feed our families with record ratings or record sales, although both can contribute to the result that can feed our families…profits!… [Read More]

Hooray For Canadian Radio

          It appears a new radio marketing bureau is on the horizon, called Radio Connects.           As someone who has always held the efforts of the Radio Marketing Bureau, and its predecessors the Radio Bureau of Canada and the Radio Sales Bureau, dear to my heart, I applaud the… [Read More]

Breaking Records

          I’m not understanding why ‘breaking records’ is worn like a badge of honour.           A headline in Radio Ink’s headlines last week read “IAB Reports Record Ad Revenue.’           Having record revenue is not an exceptional feat; it’s the absolute necessity of a sustainable… [Read More]