Monthly Archives: February 2020

Oldies but Goodies!

The phrase “oldie but goodie” is sometimes used when describing someone older in age, a favorite grandparent, maybe an old horse, or even a piece of equipment or technique. But most typically, “oldie but goodie” is used when referring to music, movies, jokes, things that relate to entertainment. While most people don’t equate commercials to entertainment,… [Read More]

Turning Intangible into Tangible

The primary difference between tangible and intangible is tangible is something which a person can see, feel or touch, whereas, intangible is something which a person cannot see, feel or touch. Selling radio advertising has long been described as selling an intangible, and by definition, it’s a fair description. But, it’s only an intangible if you allow it to be. If the only… [Read More]

Ask for What it’s Worth!

Here’s the scenario. A media rep meets with a client, completes the fact-finding meeting, and the client tells the rep, “I would like to promote this event or this area of my business and here is my budget. Let me know what you come up with”! The media rep goes back to the station and they begin… [Read More]

Media Rep Malpractice

Most commonly used in the context of medicine and law, malpractice is defined as, “improper, illegal, or negligent professional activity or treatment”. But malpractice is no stranger to the advertising world either. You can google “advertising malpractice” and find many interesting stories, mostly regarding fraudulent advertising claims. The one word in the definition of malpractice that I… [Read More]