Monthly Archives: February 2017

How Unique is Your Market?

In last week’s BIA Kelsey Local Media Watch blog, they suggested, “It’s good to think of small markets as unique, rather than as reflections of the national advertising market.”   The article drew the conclusion that different media combinations work differently in every market. And while that may be true, I believe it missed one… [Read More]


                Okay, so every professional salesperson sends the traditional ‘thank you’ note after every sale.                 What if you broke from the pack and wrote a ‘congratulations’ note instead?                 Congratulating your client on deciding to work with you on their next… [Read More]

What Digital Experts Don’t Tell You

Do you have an advertiser who is infatuated with their digital ‘expert’ or agency? We suggest you ask your client to ask their digital consultant or advisor, “What is the most common word internet searchers use to find your business?” If they’re honest, the answer won’t be a key word or other SEO tactic. They’ll… [Read More]

Sales and Coupons

This morning I saw a trade article headline that read ‘Sales and Coupons Most Influential in Driving Consumers to Shop.’ I’m fed up with number crunchers and the pursuit of instant gratification. And frankly, I’m also fed up with amateur radio reps taking the easy route of cutting rates and selling short-term packages. Radio’s strength… [Read More]