Monthly Archives: December 2016

Will 2017 Be “Great Again”?

In business, in the economy, and in life, we must deal with the hand we’re dealt.   We couldn’t have been dealt a better hand heading into 2017.   Interest rates are near historical lows. Unemployment near record lows, is continuing to improve and is already the lowest unemployment rate in the world. Inflation is… [Read More]

A Merry Politically-incorrect Message

Those of you who have been receiving our ENS on Sales over the last fifteen years, know it’s time for my annual politically incorrect “Merry Christmas” message. (Although, I’m increasingly convinced that ‘politically correct’ is an oxymoron because I don’t know any politicians who are ‘correct’. They all seem to care more about getting elected… [Read More]

Digital Confusion

Lawyers historically used a complex legal language which the average person didn’t understand, making them appear to be professional and allowing them to charge huge fees. I believe many of the purveyors of ‘digital solutions’ are now doing the same with your clients.   I read a trade article recently about a company that said… [Read More]

Data-Driven Vanity

Maybe it’s time for radio to produce some vanity metrics. Vanity is defined as ‘excessive pride or admiration for one’s appearance or achievements’. Vanity metrics look good on paper and make advertisers feel good about their investment but they don’t give advertisers an accurate picture of how successful their advertising is. Our friends in digital,… [Read More]