Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Myth of Complete Disruption

One of the blogs I read this week said, “Mobile has completely disrupted digital marketing”.           I have not seen piles of laptops along the roadside on garbage pick-up day with the move to mobile anymore than I saw radios piled in a heap when the internet began in 1982.  We continue… [Read More]

What’s New

 Marketers have always known the power of the word ‘new’.     From packaged goods distributors who advertised ‘new and improved’ to the digital media folks who describe their platforms as ‘new media’, there is no disputing the allure of all things new.        But here’s the thing. For business categories that don’t… [Read More]

Radio with a Capital ‘R’

You may have noticed in our last ENS on Sales that I’ve started spelling Radio with a capital R.  Proper names always begin with a capital letter, and Radio is the proper name of a media that’s proven to work. The TV guys have always spelled TV with caps, rather than tv. Ironically, our ‘Three… [Read More]