Monthly Archives: July 2012

When the Truth Hurts

When the Truth Hurts I pay strict attention to every detail on voice mail, email and any form of communication. In part, I do this to understand more about the personality style of the person I’m communicating with in the absence of body language and other face-to-face personal style clues. But I often wonder about… [Read More]

What Is Your Market Share?

  What Is Your Market Share?    In a recent survey of local advertisers we asked what questions local business owners would ask of a marketing consultant. One of their questions was, “How do I measure my market share?” A very important question indeed, particularly when you consider the doubling effect of market share. You… [Read More]

The Nicest Lie

The Nicest Lie If you are working with the real decision-maker in an organization and they turn down your proposal because "it’s not in the budget", you’ve just been lied to! Business owners often find it easier to turn you down by blaming their budget rather than your station, your idea, your audience or your… [Read More]

Hypocritical Pricing

  Hypocritical Pricing             Would you agree that being customer-focused, or placing customers’ needs first in your marketing strategy, is essential to building a sustainable business?           Would you also agree that the airline industry probably has one of the least customer-friendly reputations in all of North America?           If you agree somewhat to… [Read More]

A Helping Hand vs Risk

  A Helping Hand vs. Risk           You have probably heard me say, “All decisions originate in the heart and are only rationalized in the head.” We use several colourful stories to illustrate that quote in our presentation to persuade advertisers about the emotional pulling power of broadcast advertising in their media mix.           But… [Read More]