Monthly Archives: January 2018

Are You Too Busy?

Here is what I have noticed working with hundreds of sales managers and thousands of salespeople in more than 100 markets over the years; there is a marked difference between being busy and being productive. On the “busy” scale, I feel your pain. Computers that were supposed to make our lives easier generate so much… [Read More]

Why Advertise?

Ever since John Wannamaker coined his famous phrase, “I know half my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half,” bewildered business owners have welcomed the message from vendors suggesting they can cut their advertising budgets. The list of “anti-advertising” salespeople is longer than you might think. Sales trainers, for example, are telling business… [Read More]

WOW! A Must-Read for 2018!

We have all seen the data from radio vested-interest groups like Nielsen or RAB about radio’s continued importance in the new media landscape and that’s great stuff. That story is even more powerful when it comes from our competitors. Yesterday’s ‘eMarketer Daily’ newsletter, described as “a daily briefing on digital marketing and media trends,” told… [Read More]