Monthly Archives: April 2015

Is Small the New Big?

We all know there are different types of buyers and buyer styles in every business category. You can see this in the way candles are marketed. The other day, I made a call with one of my station client’s salespeople on a unique little candle boutique, way off the retail beaten path. My clients know… [Read More]

3 Ways to Sell More Radio Advertising

The lure of a multitude of shiny new media emerging daily is turning out to be a blessing in disguise for professional radio marketers. It wasn’t that radio stations tried to sell their stations or clusters against other stations and clusters. Today, most stations are trying to sell their fit with new digital media. The… [Read More]

Break Down Your Silos

It seems that most radio stations manage their websites in a programming silo, segregated and sometimes alienated from sales. Lately, I’ve been spot checking some of my station client’s websites, and I’ve yet to find one that did NOT have a mistake. Have you clicked on every banner, Icon or link on your website? You… [Read More]

New Radio Revenues

Marketing practitioners have long known about the power of ‘New’ and ‘Free.’ Buyers have always been attracted to that which is new, and can’t resist offers that include something free. The problem with these two words as marketing tools is that neither is sustainable. Nothing is new forever, and you can’t stay in business giving… [Read More]