Monthly Archives: October 2016

Sales Ain’t Baseball

How many times a year would you welcome your insurance salesperson dropping by to ask how things are going, or worse yet, to ask if you’d like to buy more insurance? If you are like most people, you are too busy to entertain regular visits from an insurance salesperson unless they deliver helpful or valuable… [Read More]

Out of the Way Places

Local radio, TV, coupon envelope, Yellow Pages and newspaper salespeople in your market have beat main street retail to death. But there is radio money hidden in the out-of-the-way industrial and commercial corners of your market. Many factories, warehouses and other non-traditional retail establishments have something to sell to the public. Simply drive around those… [Read More]

Stop The Madness!

Imagine you have never done business with me before, and I approach you with an exotic sports car I have for sale. I tell you the car is ‘valued at’ $100,000, but I’m only asking $50,000. What are you thinking? Probably one or more of the following; 1.)  Who or what makes the car ‘valued… [Read More]