Monthly Archives: September 2013

It Begins With the End

A good friend of mine was “restructured” out of a job last week. While he was upset, I reminded him of my own good fortune in being “restructured”. I’ve learned that the cream always rises to the top. When someone I respect has been a victim of amalgamation, conglomeration or technological advances, I mark it… [Read More]

The Selling Power of Drama

The pace of change in the world accelerates every day. The top ten in-demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004. Yet as rapidly as our world is changing, certain tried and proven principals stand the test of time and are more relevant today than ever. Dale Carnegie wrote the first best-selling book on… [Read More]

Essential to be Sought

Marketing guru and author of 15 best selling books, Seth Godin says “It’s nice to be found, but essential to be sought.” Your prospects are hearing a lot of noise about the importance of being “found” online through various key words, search engine optimization and more. Most of this hype is because the ability to… [Read More]

Managing Expectations

Why are advertisers delighted with “responses” or likes on the internet while they demand that their cash registers ring when they invest in broadcast campaigns. In part, it is because over-zealous salespeople create unrealistic expectations and in part because of simple math. The simple math is: Low investment = low expectation, high investment = high… [Read More]