Monthly Archives: March 2018

How Did You Do It?

If you are a sales manager, you probably started in this business as a sales rep, and it was all about the math of selling. The number of cold calls and the number of “packages” you presented became part of your success formula. Now as a sales manager, with probably very little management training, you’re… [Read More]

Take Responsibility for Sales

When sales organizations are not achieving their targets, they often point their fingers at individual salespeople. The three most common criticisms these organizations default to are: 1.) Our people don’t prospect enough; not enough cold calls. 2.) They don’t know how to handle objections. 3.) They don’t know how to close. Of course, they do need to do… [Read More]

Career Opportunities

We have broadcast clients across Canada and the US, poised to increase their local-direct sales. We are looking for salespeople and sales managers, and those ready for a move into management, in small, medium or large markets. If you’re looking for a move upward, or simply to another market or a more customer-focused sales culture,… [Read More]