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Your Most Valuable Assets

  Soon you will begin planning for a successful 2014. The radio station business model is unique because we have three distinctly different target markets. Most other businesses only target those who can spend money with them. But in radio, we have three target groups that affect that “spend”. We need a strategic marketing plan… [Read More]

Morning Head

Morning Head         Have you ever heard the expression “Things will look better in the morning?” It’s not just an expression, it’s true! God sent us this wonderful thing called sleep that erases all of the irrelevant and unimportant noise we’re exposed to during the day, so things really do “look better in the morning”…. [Read More]

I Shipped My Pants

I Shipped My Pants        Virtually every broadcast account executive has had a business owner ask, “How can I make my advertising stand out?” The short answer is, “Quit playing it safe.” ‘Safe’ advertising is what causes most businesses to disappear into the never-ending landscape of competitors, versus becoming a landmark in that landscape. You… [Read More]

Increase Your Sales with Transparency

Increase Your Sales with Transparency            There has always been some scepticism towards advertising caused by unscrupulous advertisers even though media companies and their governing bodies exercise a degree of control over advertising claims. The internet has created the wild west of advertising, with little or no control, the unregulated online landscape is rife with… [Read More]

Your Hare Krishna Marketing Strategy

Your Hare Krishna Marketing Strategy           In his book, The Psychology of Persuasion, Dr. Robert Cialdini identifies psychological reciprocity as one of the six most powerful influences on human buying decisions. Psychological reciprocity is defined as “a deep-rooted subconscious need to return effort to those who put forth effort for us.” Psychological reciprocity is one… [Read More]