Yearly Archives: 2013

Politically Incorrect

Those of you who have been receiving our ENS on Sales over the last 11 years know it’s time for my annual politically incorrect, “Merry Christmas” message. (Although, I’m increasingly convinced that “politically correct” is an oxymoron because I don’t know any politicians who are “correct.” They all seem to care more about getting elected… [Read More]

What’s Your Internal Growth Plan for 2014?

          In “The Story of Civilization”, American philosopher and historian Will Durant wrote, “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.”           Think of all the civilizations from the Roman Empire to Hitler’s Germany, and you’ll understand what he meant. Every business, including broadcasting, is in itself a… [Read More]

The Three Lies

Did you ever lie to a sales person? Think about your answer carefully. Of course you did! How about the last time a carpet cleaning salesperson phoned you at home? Didn’t you say something like, “Sorry, someone just cleaned my carpets last week.”  It wasn’t true, but you politely dismissed the sales person’s pitch. When… [Read More]

Shouting Outside the Box

 In “Twelve Causes of Advertising Failure”,  by Roy Williams, he identifies “over-confidence in qualitative targeting” as one of the primary causes of advertising that fails. Nowhere is “qualitative targeting” more misguided than in business-to-business marketing. Many business-to-business marketers forget that business people are people too… they follow their favourite sports teams on the radio, they… [Read More]

When You’re a Believer

Some broadcast account executives have a misguided understanding of why they conduct CNA’s, Customer Needs Analysis. The purpose of a CNA goes beyond simply discovering your prospects’ unique competitive advantage and uncovering their objections so you can overcome those objections in your presentation. The deepest purpose of your CNA is to uncover your prospects’ beliefs….their… [Read More]