Monthly Archives: October 2013

When You’re a Believer

Some broadcast account executives have a misguided understanding of why they conduct CNA’s, Customer Needs Analysis. The purpose of a CNA goes beyond simply discovering your prospects’ unique competitive advantage and uncovering their objections so you can overcome those objections in your presentation. The deepest purpose of your CNA is to uncover your prospects’ beliefs….their… [Read More]

Marketing Automation?

Have you seen the Jimmy Kimmel interviews where he asks people how they feel about “Obama Care” versus “The Affordable Health Care Act”? When asked, interviewees who were opposed to Obama Care positioned it as “socialist” but were in favor of The Affordable Health Care Act. …. by the way, if you weren’t aware of… [Read More]

Why Marketers Need to Re-evaluate Radio, the World’s Most Popular Medium

Did you catch this important article in Advertising Age about the Radio Renaissance? (Source: Benjamin Palmer, co-founder and CEO of The Barbarian Group, in Advertising Age, 10/01/13). It’s the Perfect Platform to Combine With Emerging Applications and Innovations Over the past few years, digital marketers have been so focused on display, better ad-tech and creating experiences… [Read More]

The Escape Hatch Myth

Selling in the business-to-business environment has changed dramatically from the old days when we were trained in the ABC’s of selling….Always Be Closing. Today, the ABC’s of selling are “Always Be Connecting”. Remember when we were trained to not allow the prospect any escape hatches? We were to “always be closing!”  I can’t believe that… [Read More]

Upside Down Marketing

Most of us have used a version of the marketing funnel to explain to our clients that buying decisions begin at an emotional or subconscious level, and as consumers get closer to the purchase end of the funnel they become conscious of the process and begin to search for facts which validates their emotional choice…. [Read More]