Monthly Archives: February 2010

Back to Basics Marketing

Back to Basics Marketing             I just read a 242 page report entitled, The State of Social Media Marketing, compiled from surveying 5,140 marketing professionals. The survey was conducted to determine how these experts were using social media to launch campaigns and promotions, measure return on investment, and engage audiences.              The publisher promoting… [Read More]

Commodity Trap

The Commodity Trap                 In his book, Beating the Commodity Trap, Tuck professor Richard A. D’Aveni warns that commoditization has never posed a greater threat to business than it does today.             While many companies claim they are customer focused, they consistently fall victim to competitive pressures and buying tactics rather than deliver solutions to… [Read More]

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence             A great deal has been written lately about the role of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) versus the traditional Intelligence Quotient (IQ) in effective leadership.           The evidence strongly indicates that superior leaders share a common set of EQ characteristics, chief among them being high self-awareness and an exceptional ability to empathize.          … [Read More]

National Agencies

What’s So Different About National Agencies?            Why is it that we think customer-focused selling is only for our local accounts? Agencies care more about their customers than they do your station!           After a while, all station rankers, ratings, market statistics and other data begins to look the same to overworked and weary agency… [Read More]

Your Best Investment

Your Best Investment in 2010           An investment in yourself, your tools and your career makes huge sense in the new economy. Why? An investment in yourself stays with you forever, long after you have left your current position. An investment in yourself gives you a competitive edge over your external and internal competitors. You… [Read More]