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The Value of Warm and Fuzzies

The Value of Warm and Fuzzies            Reading a lot of the consumer ‘research’ these days, you might draw the conclusion that branding is going the way of the dinosaur; that consumers only care about price and savings.           But consider the following; 1.) Consumers are NOT fully aware of the complex mix of influences… [Read More]

Little White Lies

Little White Lies            Many professionals, like dentists or lawyers, will tell you their governing body won’t let them advertise. They find that excuse gets rid of advertising sales people faster than telling the truth.           The truth is often more along the lines of, “I don’t want my peers to think I’m an ‘ambulance… [Read More]

More Feet on the Street

No Excuses. Every Station Can Sell More            We take great pride in the success of our media clients. While the ad industry as a whole experienced a decline in revenue during the economic downturn, our media clients have experienced modest, or in some cases spectacular, revenue growth.           There are four basic pillars upon… [Read More]