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Let’s Get Real

Those of you who have attended my advertising seminars know that I’m a proponent of selling the ‘warm and fuzzies.’ I’m committed to the concept that people buy from their hearts, and only rationalize the decision their heart has made, logically.

Our Electronic Media Marketing Funnel, where “radio inspires and internet informs,” has helped hundreds of radio sales people convert previous print advertisers to a radio and internet media mix.
But I’m also the first to admit that warm and fuzzies, or emotions alone, won’t make the sale. Your advertisers need both emotions and logic to close a sale. That is why many ‘buy local’ campaigns fail…they create a nice warm feeling, but no results.

Selling your ‘buy local’ campaign to local advertisers may be lucrative for your stations, but you owe it to your clients to turn the emotional Buy Local campaign into increased sales with some solid reasons why consumers should buy local.

When Japanese auto manufacturers started to penetrate the North American markets in the mid sixties, we launched ‘buy American’ campaigns only to see the import auto makers’ market share continue to grow.

Simple flag waving was not enough to stem the growth of import auto sales. Their growth was only tempered when ‘the big three,’ General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, woke up and started making better cars.

Your local advertisers have to do the same. ‘Buy Local’ is a great umbrella theme, but without some teeth, some solid logical examples of what’s in it for the consumer to do so, the emotion alone won’t motivate more sales.

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Your Best Salesperson

It never ceases to amaze me how many stations do not utilize their best salespeople.

Who are your best salespeople? Your clients!

No one on your sales staff can make a more credible case for radio and your station, than a happy advertiser on your station.

Look at an email one of the regional sales managers we work with sent to his market managers this week. (The names have been changed to protect identity)


Hi guys,

As I mentioned in the call this morning, we have been running our ‘Ens Testimonials’ on-air at WKRP since the beginning of January.  The formula we set up has always been promoting radio first, then WKRP working for the client in the spot and I’ve been rotating 4 spots per day. 

While the leads haven’t been pouring in, we never get any call ins at WKRP but since running these we’ve received 20-25 leads and the team has definitely closed SEVERAL.  I estimate about $40,000 so far.


Here is a station that “never gets call-ins” that is now getting leads and sales from airing on-air advertiser testimonials.

So why aren’t you airing, mailing, publishing and printing client testimonials for radio and your stations?


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Fast and Easy

Advertising often reflects what society wants rather than moving society in the best direction.


For example, everyone seems to want things the ‘fast and easy way.’ In 1925 Lucky Strike cigarettes advertised that women could lose easily lose weight if they simply “Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet.” The campaign was able to fuel a Cigarette Diet fad that lasted nearly ten years because people wanted to believe in fast and easy results.

Today, you can still hear Marie Osmond promoting “Lose 5 pounds in one week with Fast Five Plus.” There still seems to be a huge appetite (pardon the pun) for fast and easy.
Doing my research for this ENS on Sales I discovered there was no shortage of promises to achieve your goals, fast and easy. I even found a company promoting a conference called ‘Succeed Faster.’
At ENS Media we have a less appealing, but proven success formula. Our motto is:

“Extraordinary revenues require extraordinary effort, extraordinary innovation and extraordinary creativity”.

A little common sense dictates that if the fast lane to success sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

We have seen some companies succeed with only extraordinary effort, or only extraordinary innovation or extraordinary creativity, but our bet is always on combining all three in a proven road to success.

If you’re ready to put a little effort  behind some of the innovative and creative revenue producing systems we have, we’d love the opportunity to work with you. Contact  [email protected] to arrange an online meeting to learn how we can help increase your local-direct sales.