Monthly Archives: March 2015

Let’s Get Real

Those of you who have attended my advertising seminars know that I’m a proponent of selling the ‘warm and fuzzies.’ I’m committed to the concept that people buy from their hearts, and only rationalize the decision their heart has made, logically. Our Electronic Media Marketing Funnel, where “radio inspires and internet informs,” has helped hundreds of radio… [Read More]

Your Best Salesperson

It never ceases to amaze me how many stations do not utilize their best salespeople. Who are your best salespeople? Your clients! No one on your sales staff can make a more credible case for radio and your station, than a happy advertiser on your station. Look at an email one of the regional sales… [Read More]

Fast and Easy

Advertising often reflects what society wants rather than moving society in the best direction.   For example, everyone seems to want things the ‘fast and easy way.’ In 1925 Lucky Strike cigarettes advertised that women could lose easily lose weight if they simply “Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet.” The campaign was able… [Read More]