Monthly Archives: March 2009

Make Mantra

Make Mantra           Albert Einstein said, “Genius is making the complicated look simple.” I attended the Radio Ink Convergence Conference in San Jose, California last week,and by Einstein’s definition, the conference key note, Guy Kawasaki, is a genius.           Throughout my career I’ve been telling media sales people that if you focus on getting results… [Read More]

United We Stand

United We Stand           This is urgent and requires your attention today!           It’s time to quit thinking of your fellow broadcasters as competitors and to band together in a united front to serve your best clients and prospects in the best possible manner during this economic decline.           We scan more than 40 trade… [Read More]

Job Security

Job Security in 2009 and Beyond             Now more than ever, ‘typical’ media salespeople’s jobs may be in jeopardy.             According to an article in Advertising Age, media-related jobs have been declining for seven years in a row, declining by 3.1% in 2008.             The report goes on to say, “In contrast, advertising and marketing-related… [Read More]

Your Sales Culture

Your 2009 Sales Culture           You can learn a great deal about the way a company does business by reading their help wanted ads. I saw an ad last week seeking an Account Executive for a station that required “a carnivore, not a grazer.”           I have the good fortune of working with media companies… [Read More]

Crisis Beneficiaries

Crisis Beneficiaries             I know it sounds cliché, but problems really are opportunities in disguise.  The trick is to learn how to uncover and capture the opportunities in this economy.             Last week I sat on a plane beside a building contractor headed for Arkansas.  I opened the conversation with, “I guess things are a… [Read More]