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Take Responsibility for ‘No’

You need to take responsibility when a prospect says ‘No’ to your presentation.

          Busy decision makers do not take time to make an appointment to see your presentation unless they have an interest in what you have to offer. When they do take time to see you, but turn down your proposal, you have either misdiagnosed their situation and objectives during your Customer Needs Analysis (CNA), or your presentation missed the mark.

          We review hundreds of radio presentations every month to help our station clients create better presentations and improve their closing ratios.

          Often your presentation misses the mark because of the lack of use of power- words. We reviewed one presentation this week, for example, where the heading on the last page was ‘Suggested Spend’.

          It would have been much more powerful to say ‘Recommended Investment.’

          A recommendation is stronger than a suggestion, and everyone would rather invest than spend.

         Paying careful attention to your use of language and power words in your presentations can be one of the steps in creating more successful

Your presentations also need to address your prospects conversationally, and directly. That same presentation we reviewed read, ‘Advertisers should…..’ where it should have read ‘You should….’ speaking more directly to the client rather than to all advertisers generically.

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Wayne Ens