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Your 24/7 Brand

  Your 24/7 Brand           In his book ‘Brand Like a Rock Star’, my friend Steve Jones writes about the marketing lessons he has learned observing successful rock stars.  Steve says lesson number one from Jimmy Buffet is, “Make sure everything you do reflects what your fans expect from you.  Everything Jimmy does is perfectly… [Read More]

Creating Low-Hanging Fruit

  Creating Low-Hanging Fruit             Our new VP of Marketing Communications, Craig Rosart, wisely points out how farmers created more ‘low hanging fruit’.           Farmers have long known how cost-effective and efficient it is to pick the easy, low-hanging fruit. Broadcast account executives have also been very adept at harvesting the low hanging fruit; traditional retail advertising… [Read More]


  Research? Does ‘research’ really sell?         I’ve seen the convincing research the print folks use that ‘proves’ reading an ad is much more powerful than hearing it. And I myself have used the ‘scientific’ research that unequivocally verifies that hearing is much more influential than reading.         Then of course there is the research… [Read More]

Prospecting versus Stalking

  Prospecting versus Stalking               Thomas Szaky shocked his parents a few years ago when he decided to drop out of Princeton University to start a business marketing worm poop. To their dismay, he explained his organic plant food would be made from worm droppings and be packaged in recycled pop bottles as house… [Read More]

Secrets to Ads that Sell

  The Secret to Ads That Sell             In a recent survey we asked 540 locally owned and operated business “What is the number one reason you advertise?” The answer? 82% said they advertise to ‘increase sales”.           Yet in audits of local media presentations in those markets, less than 10% addressed how the… [Read More]