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Attitude Causes Altitude

Attitude Causes Altitude   You may have heard about the passing of 86 year old motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar last month. Mr. Ziglar’s 25 books, countless audio tapes and seminars, and multi-million dollar motivational company influenced the lives of literally millions of people around the world. I’ve often been skeptical of ‘motivational speakers’ and their… [Read More]

The ‘Gift’ of Gab

The ‘Gift’ of Gab Every once in a while I meet a sales person who proudly proclaims, "I’ve got the gift of gab." In sales, that ‘gift’ is more aptly described as ‘the curse of chatter.’ Successful sales professionals know that sales is really more about listening than it is about talking. Those with the… [Read More]

New Decision Makers

New Decision Makers According to a recent survey, nearly half of all small and medium sized businesses are run by boomers who will retire within the next decade. Most of those businesses will transfer control within the next five years.   What are you doing to pre-sell the next-in-line leaders of those businesses?   Often… [Read More]

Planning to Fail

Planning to Fail I admit I’ve always been a glass half-full kind of guy. But I’m really tired of the negative rhetoric I hear every day. I received an email this week from a sales trainer who said "Let’s face the facts. We’re currently in the toughest economic times we have experienced since the Great… [Read More]

Does Charlie Need the Money?

Does Charlie Need the Money? At age 71, famed Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts has contracted a masseuse to help him deal with his back pain during the Stones’ upcoming live performances. Why do you suppose he puts himself through this back pain at his age? Does he really need the money from more concerts?… [Read More]