Monthly Archives: August 2016

Every Dog Has Its’ Day

It seems the glimmer is already beginning to dim on the early front runners in digital media. Once the fore-runner  in ‘new’ media advertising, online display advertising’s share of digital ad spend  is predicted to decline by 12.4% over the next four years, according to a recent Ad Buyer Survey conducted by Cowan and Company…. [Read More]

Job One For Sales Managers

As a sales manager, the list of activities, tasks, and paperwork you face everyday is daunting. But there is only one job, your toughest job, that will dictate your success. That job is selling your sellers. They’re beat up on the street every day. They’re being told everything from your rates are too high, to… [Read More]

Choosing to Win!

Fragmentation and competition — they can destroy your business, or make it stronger. The choice is yours. McDonald’s didn’t pack up their bag and go home when the Burger Kings, Wendy’s, Harvey’s and a long list of other competitors sprung up to eat their lunch (no pun intended) And the auto industry’s ‘Big Three,’ Ford,… [Read More]

Making Radio Tangible

The dictionary defines ‘tangible’ as; ‘able to be perceived by a sense of touch‘. Radio is only an intangible if you let it become so. And if the only ‘tangible’ your clients receive from your station is an invoice, you’re headed for trouble. At cutback time, the media with the most tangibles in your clients’… [Read More]