Monthly Archives: June 2010

Your Internal Marketing Plan

Your Internal Marketing Plan             The radio station marketing model is unique, in that we have three distinctly different target customers. Most other businesses only target those who can spend money with them.             But in radio, we have three target groups that affect that ‘spend’. And we need a strategic marketing plan for each… [Read More]

Opprotunity’s Door

Stick Your Foot in Opportunity’s Door            Did you know that Yellow Pages takes more money out of your market than all radio and TV stations combined?  And a full page in your local Yellow Pages costs more than 20 spots a week for 52 weeks on your radio station?           And did you know… [Read More]

Who’s the Boss?

Who’s the Boss?            I hate the word ‘boss’.  The Webster’s dictionary says to ‘boss’ is “to order about in a domineering way”.           I once presented a strategic plan to a large broadcast group in which I proposed their sales people would work for their clients and their management people would work for their employees…. [Read More]

Do You Fear Great Creative?

Do You Fear Great Creative?           Some misguided radio account executives fear counseling their key clients to pay for outsourced creative. They believe that every dollar invested in creative is a dollar they lose from their airtime budget.           The opposite is true. Once clients have invested in great creative, creative that works, they invest… [Read More]