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RAB Annoucement

The RAB has announced that Wayne Ens and Rick Fink of ENS Media Inc. will be featured speakers at the Sales Consultant Series at the NAB/RAB Radio Show, September 5th to 8th in Austin, Texas.

If you are there, please make a point of introducing yourself.  We’d love to connect with all of our ENS on Sales readers.

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What’s Keeping Advertisers Up at Night?

According to new research conducted by Credit Suisse and published by e-marketer, advertisers’ concerns about viewability and ad blocking are growing.

Marketing Professionals Worldwide Who are

Concerned About Select Digital Ad Issues.

May 2016 – March 2017

% of respondents

Ad Fraud




Viewability Standards of Display/Video Ads




Rising Use of Ad Blocking Software




Source Credit Suisse, “The Future of Advertising” April 25, 2017



Maybe it’s time to help them sleep at night by using more good ‘old-fashioned’ radio.

Radio’s reach has remained constant in spite of all of the shiny new media.  And radio audiences in all demographics are proven to respond to ads on their favorite stations.

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Your Real Competitors

         Digital media are not your competitors.

In spite of all the new media hype, print still captures the lion’s share of local advertising budgets. Print, including the nearly defunct yellow pages, brochures, declining newspaper circulation, junk mail, flyers, coupon envelopes and more,  still capture the lion’s share of local budgets. And they are your most vulnerable competitors.

Our Selling in the New Media Economy sales retreats can train your account executives to embrace all things online as more cost-efficient alternatives to print, and train them how to articulate the distinctly different but compatible roles of broadcast advertising and online advertising to the exclusion of print.

You’ll make more money, and so will your advertisers when you teach them to abandon print for a broadcast and digital partnership.

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