Monthly Archives: February 2015

3 Keys to Success

Prior to the internet, most retailers counted on high traffic locations for their customers to find them.  It was often said the three keys to retail success were “location, location, location.” Today, customers need not invest their time driving or walking in search of a business.  They simply search online to find the products or… [Read More]

Radio Versus Digital Myth

We’re hearing a lot about digital cutting into radio advertising budgets….but does that need to be the case? According to a survey by technology research firm Gartner Inc., 68% of senior marketing executives said that their company had a separate digital marketing budget. According to the survey, marketing executives are three times more likely to… [Read More]

Death of a Sales Rep

If you have the word ‘agent’ or ‘representative’ in your job title, you could be on the verge of extinction. Remember the days before Expedia and Travelocity?  You had to call a ‘Travel Agent’ to make your plans and book your vacations. The internet has changed the way people buy. Programmatic buying and being able… [Read More]