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How to Predict Your Results for 2016

Past performance can’t help you reliably predict future results. Just look at your mutual fund performance to verify that.
Yet many sales managers and general managers dwell upon sales reports… of past results.
It can be much more productive to measure Activity Planners. Activity Planners can help you reliably predict future results.
It’s been said that “if it can’t be measured it can’t be managed” but conversely, productivity demands that we should only measure that which can be managed. We can’t change or manage our sales reports.
But we can certainly manage and plan more activities, like prospecting, CNA’s (customer needs analysis) presentations and super-serving our clients.
Instead of asking your sales people to hand in ‘call reports’ or works of fiction on what they did yesterday, it can be much more productive to monitor their Planned Activity Reports.
You know if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
If you had a great quarter, get over it. Your commission and bonus cheques are on the way.
Your focus needs to be on your Activity Plans moving forward. Based upon closing ratios and average sales, and managing the activities that produce results, you can reliably predict the future.
P.S. One of the proven activities you might consider including in your plans for 2016, is our Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) surveys and presentations. These surveys consistently prove that Radio works, and our local TOMA presentations will help your sellers close more new business. Contact[email protected]  for an overview of our surveys.

Wayne Ens

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A Merry Politically-Incorrect Message

  Those of you who have been receiving our ENS on Sales over the last fifteen years, know it’s time for my annual politically incorrect “Merry Christmas” message. (Although, I’m increasingly convinced that ‘politically correct’ is an oxymoron because I don’t know any politicians who are ‘correct.’ They all seem to care more about getting elected than they do about doing what’s right.)
          I used to agonize over whether I should say “Merry Christmas” because not everyone celebrates this Christian event.
          But I believe in recognizing the role that history and heritage play in making people, nations, businesses and cultures what they are, and Christmas is a part of the North American heritage I’m not ready to deny.
          I’m not offended when a friend wishes me Happy Hanukah, and I feel honored when another friend invites me to her faith’s New Year’s celebration in November. There is no denying that Christianity played a role in making North America what it is today…good or bad.
          And I’ve never seen anyone from any faith object to getting a day off on December 25th, even though they know how the holiday originated, so Merry Christmas everyone!
          ‘Tis the season to rejoice and count our blessings.
           As you take time over the holidays, I invite you to reflect upon how fortunate we are to be in this business.
          We get paid for helping other people. It doesn’t get any better than that!
Whether we’re helping charitable organizations with a fund-raising campaign, or helping a business to grow and provide more employment with our advertising campaigns, we’re helping, informing and entertaining people every day!
          Those people who punch a clock or work on an assembly line can only fantasize about having the opportunity to work with the diverse and creative group of peers we see every day. Some of us are wacky, some disciplined and some adventurous and others are focusedtogether we produce a product and service like no other!
          And we have a purpose bigger than ourselves! We transform lives. We help needy children by promoting Christmas toy drives. We entertain people, adding laughter, music and insight to their otherwise boring lives. We keep people informed, make them think, and even let them know if they’ll need an overcoat on the way to work today.
          We help them avoid traffic jams and to make enlightened decisions at election time.
          For the most part our jobs are not hazardous.  We don’t brave the elements on a daily basis, and I don’t see a lot of calluses or sore backs in our business.
          I heard an interview with country singer Kenny Rogers where he said, “Find a way to get paid for doing something you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” I think that’s where all of us in broadcasting are.
          So merry… happy… greetings… season’s… wishes… however you say it, I wish you all the best in 2016 and beyond. Merry Christmas!

Wayne Ens

Radio: There When You Need It!

The Ontario Association of Broadcasters has produced this pro-radio spot to promote radio as a fabulous and viable media. The OAB board has given permission for all stations across Canada to use this spot and ENS Media Inc. is encouraging you to do so.
Also, if you have a pro-radio spot that you would permit other stations across Canada to use, please forward it to me, and we’ll pass it along to all of Our ENS on Sales weekly readers in Canada.
If you have any difficulty, please email [email protected]  and she will forward the file to you.

Wayne Ens

The Windshied Versus the Rear View Mirror

Your account executives are probably conducting some sort of CNA, customer needs analysis, now. And your most successful account executives have learned that they can be leaps ahead of the competition by doing their homework, and discovering the answers to 80% of the questions on a typical CNA before they meet with their prospect.

But have they learned the value of thinking beyond their prospect’s current situation. Typical CNA’s explore a prospect’s current target demographic, their current competitive situation and how they plan to advertise.

Your account executives can have more productive discussions by exploring where their prospect wants to be, rather than simply learning where they are.

When you uncover your prospect’s dreams, visions, hopes and aspirations, and show them how you can help them get there, you’ll have a client for life.

Click here to arrange an online overview of how our new ‘Becoming a Master Questioner’ video series can take your client relationships, and your sales, to the next level.


Wayne Ens

Take Responsibility for ‘No’

You need to take responsibility when a prospect says ‘No’ to your presentation.

          Busy decision makers do not take time to make an appointment to see your presentation unless they have an interest in what you have to offer. When they do take time to see you, but turn down your proposal, you have either misdiagnosed their situation and objectives during your Customer Needs Analysis (CNA), or your presentation missed the mark.

          We review hundreds of radio presentations every month to help our station clients create better presentations and improve their closing ratios.

          Often your presentation misses the mark because of the lack of use of power- words. We reviewed one presentation this week, for example, where the heading on the last page was ‘Suggested Spend’.

          It would have been much more powerful to say ‘Recommended Investment.’

          A recommendation is stronger than a suggestion, and everyone would rather invest than spend.

         Paying careful attention to your use of language and power words in your presentations can be one of the steps in creating more successful

Your presentations also need to address your prospects conversationally, and directly. That same presentation we reviewed read, ‘Advertisers should…..’ where it should have read ‘You should….’ speaking more directly to the client rather than to all advertisers generically.

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