Yearly Archives: 2015

How to Predict Your Results for 2016

Past performance can’t help you reliably predict future results. Just look at your mutual fund performance to verify that. Yet many sales managers and general managers dwell upon sales reports… of past results. It can be much more productive to measure Activity Planners. Activity Planners can help you reliably predict future results. It’s been said… [Read More]

A Merry Politically-Incorrect Message

  Those of you who have been receiving our ENS on Sales over the last fifteen years, know it’s time for my annual politically incorrect “Merry Christmas” message. (Although, I’m increasingly convinced that ‘politically correct’ is an oxymoron because I don’t know any politicians who are ‘correct.’ They all seem to care more about getting elected… [Read More]

Radio: There When You Need It!

The Ontario Association of Broadcasters has produced this pro-radio spot to promote radio as a fabulous and viable media. The OAB board has given permission for all stations across Canada to use this spot and ENS Media Inc. is encouraging you to do so. Click here to download your pro-radio spot. Also, if you have… [Read More]

The Windshied Versus the Rear View Mirror

Your account executives are probably conducting some sort of CNA, customer needs analysis, now. And your most successful account executives have learned that they can be leaps ahead of the competition by doing their homework, and discovering the answers to 80% of the questions on a typical CNA before they meet with their prospect. But… [Read More]

Take Responsibility for ‘No’

You need to take responsibility when a prospect says ‘No’ to your presentation.           Busy decision makers do not take time to make an appointment to see your presentation unless they have an interest in what you have to offer. When they do take time to see you, but turn down your proposal, you have… [Read More]