Monthly Archives: January 2016

Roaring into 2016

  Before you hire your next salesperson, decide what kind of sales culture you want in 2016, a productive culture or an efficient culture.           To be efficient is to utilize a particular commodity or product with the least amount of resources or effort possible, as in a fuel efficient engine.           To be productive… [Read More]

Happy Leap Year

Most of you probably did not account for the extra day in February in your budgeting for 2016. I’m not a big fan of broadcast ‘Inventory sales’ unless there is an unusual or legitimate justification for the sale. Giving your advertisers the extra day in February, free, might be just the ticket to leverage some additional sales… [Read More]

How to Win in 2016

 Have you ever wondered why the highest bidder at an auction is said to have “the winning bid?”           In reality, this ‘winning bidder’ has paid more for their prize than anyone else in the market felt it was worth. In any other arena, when you’ve paid more than the marketplace value, you would not… [Read More]

Being Productive in 2016

 I understand how busy multi-tasking sales managers can be today. I also understand it’s pretty easy to get bogged down pouring over spreadsheets, creating forecasts, reading fiction (a.k.a. call reports) and a long list of other paper-shuffling and data processing tasks.             But there is one activity you should consider this year that will only take one… [Read More]