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Email Body Language

Email Body Language A friend of ours was going to Costco, and sent an email to my wife and business partner, Angela, asking her if she needed him to get anything for her while he was there. Her "NO THANKS" reply, mistakenly had the Caps Lock on when she responded. Our friend emailed back; "Okay,… [Read More]

Aristotle’s Media Mix

Aristotle’s Media Mix There is a great deal of buzz among advertising and marketing types today about the synergies between paid media, owned media and earned media. ‘Paid’ media, of course, are the commercials or space advertisers pay for. ‘Owned’ media are newsletters, emails, websites, or any of the marketing communications vehicles that the advertiser… [Read More]

Too Close to The Forest

Too Close to The Forest As a career professional who is focused on marketing every day, you can often take your knowledge and expertise for granted. Your clients seldom have time to focus on their marketing the way you can. The knowledge, expertise, ideas and concepts you bring to busy clients and prospects, can have… [Read More]