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Who’s Getting the Credit?

How many times have you heard an advertiser say, “We ask every person that calls or comes through our door how they heard about us.” The answers vary, but prior to the New Media Age (digital/social), it was typically newspaper, direct mail or the Yellow Pages that garnered most of the credit.

Why do the customers say this? Mainly, because it’s true! These mediums are usually the last point of contact just prior to the purchase. It’s the end of the buying cycle or the bottom of the Marketing Funnel.

But, have your advertisers considered that it may have been the radio or TV ad that persuaded their customers to even consider looking at their ad or visiting their website? “Intrusive Media” (Radio/TV), if done correctly, should have created an emotional connection with prospective customers long before “Passive Media”(print/digital), which is the point of research prior to purchase, comes into play.

The average person will only consider doing business with someone they are familiar with and feel good about.

We ask the question in every one of our TOMA surveys, “If you use Google or some other search engine, would you be more likely to click on a business that you have never heard of at the top of the list, or the first business you recognized or were familiar with?” The results are ALWAYS the same. 82-86% say they will click on a business they are familiar with. 1-2% say they will select the name at the top of the list, and approximately 12-15% say both.

It’s clear that having TOMA, “Top of Mind Awareness”, has a LOT of value!

Feel free to use this question and its results the next time a client says that their customers heard about them via the “Passive Medias” of the world, i.e. print, direct mail, social/digital.

It’s still the “Intrusive Medias”, TV & Radio, that do all the heavy lifting!

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What a Way to Make a Living!

Have you ever noticed how negatives seem to jump out at you and smack you in the forehead, and the positives can go unnoticed or taken for granted?

Your sales reps hear the negatives every day, “No one listens to radio anymore”, No one listens to your stations”, “Your prices are too high”, “I’m cutting my budget”, “I tried radio once and it didn’t work”. They get beat up every day on the streets.

Part of a Sales Manager’s job is to motivate the troops. At your next sales meeting, open a discussion about what it is that they like about their career. (Use the word “career”, not “job”.)

You’ll get an amazing array of answers like, “helping businesses succeed”, “the creative aspect”, “it’s different every day”, “working with a variety of different people and businesses”, “not having to sit behind a desk every day”.

This exercise will achieve three different objectives for you:

1)  It will remind them about the positives of their daily lives.

2)  Some of their peers will present positives others never thought of.

3)  You’ll gain valuable information into each individual’s motivation to help you in your coaching sessions.

Note: You may have to prime the well and start the conversation by sharing why you enjoy your career and/or company.