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The Metrics of Selling

The Metrics of Selling According to the National Sales Executive Association, 80% of all new business is won after the fifth contact. Our own research of SoundADvice member activity reveals similar results; the average size of a first order is four times greater after a prospect has received five to seven SoundADvice contacts. What are… [Read More]

Packaging Your Brand

Packaging Your Brand           You’re fighting for your life, and you see two surgeons who each offer you totally different solutions. The first one shows up at your door unannounced, in a Hawaiian shirt and ill-fitting track pants. He hands you a generic brochure about your illness along with his biography as he leaves to see… [Read More]

Positive Selling

Positive Selling   I am a proud member of the RAB and a huge proponent of any effort to sell radio’s preeminent role in the new media landscape rather than selling one station or cluster against another. In a recent RAB newsletter, the headline read, “One in Three Social Marketers Dissatisfied with Results.” It was… [Read More]