Monthly Archives: June 2009

Candor as a Relationship Builder

© by Wayne Ens             Many sales people are afraid to use candor as a relationship builder with their customers and prospects.           They have been trained to ‘sell themselves first’.           In this effort to sell themselves first, they have placed being ‘liked’ ahead of being respected as a marketing partner.  In their… [Read More]

Practice What We Preach

© by Wayne Ens             It’s hard to sell when your knees are knocking!           Your sales people hear the headlines about our economy, and the woes of traditional media, and they are worried about their jobs.           In some markets they’ve seen management appear to share their desperation by cutting rates up to… [Read More]

Packaging Your Brand

© by Wayne Ens             You’re fighting for your life, and you see two surgeons who each offer you totally different solutions.           The first one shows up at your door unannounced, in a Hawaiian shirt and ill-fitting track pants.  He hands you a generic brochure about your illness along with his biography as… [Read More]

Number One

© by Wayne Ens              When we take on a new media client, we generally begin the project with a Market Audit, which includes an Advertiser Perception Study to determine how advertisers perceive the various media in that market.           One of our survey questions is, “What is the number one benefit you expect… [Read More]

Broadcasting’s Tipping Point

© by Wayne Ens             Imagine you own a moving and storage company.  Choose one of the following two strategies to grow your business; 1.) Be listed in the Yellow Pages with all of my competitors and hope those who come to the Yellow Pages choose my ad over my competitors, 2.) Run an… [Read More]