Monthly Archives: February 2018

Working With Millenials

We often hear from frustrated baby boomer sales managers asking, “How can I get millennials to conform to our way of thinking?” They’re asking the wrong question. Their question should be, “What do I have to do to appeal to our millennials’ way of thinking?” Managing employees is no different than managing clients. We have… [Read More]

When Advertising Does Not Work

We open every advertiser workshop and seminar with this statement; “Advertising can’t make a bad business a good business.” You can begin more realistic advertiser relationships the same way. While every other advertising vendor out there is claiming advertising can solve all of a business’ problems, your credibility will jump to the head of the… [Read More]

The Difference Between Success and Failure

Very often, the only difference between a very successful salesperson and an unsuccessful salesperson is their ability to handle rejection. The way you handle rejection is largely about selling yourself on the value you deliver. Here are some ‘mind game’ strategies you might consider; 1.)  Develop the attitude that when a customer says ‘no’ they’re… [Read More]

Pompoms Aren’t Enough  

I’m not a fan of sports analogies, but watching the Super Bowl I couldn’t help but make a Super Bowl weekend observation: You cannot cheerlead a team to success. Cheerleading does add a welcome energy and enthusiasm to the game. But without a good team, great game plans and plays, the right equipment and tools,… [Read More]