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Eat What You Kill

  Eat What You Kill               Many organizations experience high turnover or attrition rates of sales recruits at the entry level.  I often hear management proclaim it’s because their organization does not have the right training program.           Oh how I wish this was the case! During the course of our various performance… [Read More]

Who is Driving Your Rates?

  Who is Driving Your Rates?             In a recent survey of 110 local radio account executives, we asked, “What is the biggest hurdle to sales that you face each day?”            The most common answer? “Our competitors are driving our rates down.” I’m sorry, but your competitors don’t set your rates at the… [Read More]

Three Strikes

 Three Strikes           I recently had a relatively new sales manager confide in me that she was wrestling with the internal discomfort of initiating her first firing.           I recall the first time I had to terminate an employee. I was the ripe old age of 24, and found the task so distasteful that I… [Read More]

The Smartest People in the World

  The Smartest People in the World             Have you ever noticed that you believe the most intelligent people are the people who think just like you? Those who differ, are often dismissed as out of touch or ‘idiots’.           For example, I’ve long held Roy Williams, the Wizard of Ads, in high regard… [Read More]

Genius vs Insanity

  Genius vs Insanity             I think retail advertising expert Morris Saffer said it best when he said, “It doesn’t take a genius to increase your sales. Simply cut your prices in half and you’ll make more sales. The genius” said Morris “is in increasing your sales at a profit!”           I often marvel… [Read More]