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It’s Show Time!

Radio Show 2020, the virtual rendition, kicked off yesterday and continues today through Friday.

As we mentioned last week, ENS Media made a virtual presentation on Recruitment Advertising titled, “Turn Radio Recruitment Advertising from Ho-Hum to Major Income”. View it now by clicking here. The registration fee is $50 and $25 for RAB members! This small registration fee gives you access to all speakers and sessions of Radio Show 2020.

If you choose to view our presentation, we suggest that before watching it, you print out the worksheet and the points of emphasis page. Those can be found by clicking here. You’ll also find the link below the video screen when loading the presentation.

After watching the video, if you would like to receive a FREE sample of a proven recruitment proposal and schedule, simply reach out to us by email at [email protected]

Rick’s Pick of the Show: If you choose to attend the virtual Radio Show, I strongly suggest that you view futurist and author Rishad Tobaccowala’s topic, “Re-inventing Leadership with Heart and Soul” (Tuesday at 2 pm EST). Rishad is a very dynamic speaker and his message is spot on for leaders. I also highly suggest his book, Restoring the Soul of Business. I consider this one of the best books that I have ever read on leadership and management.

Finally, if you would like to visit about how you can incorporate successful recruitment advertising into your sales portfolio and turn it into major income, click here to arrange a time to visit.

Don’t Do It!

This is a special edition of ENS on Sales.

If you haven’t already heard, this coming Tuesday and Wednesday is Amazon’s “Prime Day”. Prime Day is normally held in July, but because of COVID was postponed until October.

If you have been a reader of ENS on Sales over the past few years, you know our stance on Amazon and it’s Prime Day. Since I took over ENS Media and well before, I have preached every chance I get about the effects Amazon has on our local businesses and our cities, towns, and communities.

I know that not everyone will agree with this stance and you will choose to not participate in airing ads that oppose “Prime Day” and Amazon. We respect your choice but keep in mind, this isn’t so much an attack on Amazon as it is standing up for your local businesses and communities.

The goal of airing this ad is two-fold: One, if you can get a handful of people to stop buying on Amazon, it will in-turn help your local businesses and therefore help your communities. Two, it shows your clients and prospects that your station(s) are standing up and fighting for them. For many, you are fighting for their survival. They will LOVE you for doing this.

We hope that hundreds of you will choose to air this ad in support of those businesses that support you with their local ad dollars.

To request the script “Don’t Do It”, click here and we will send it to you immediately. Feel free to edit this script any way you see fit.

So that we can estimate how many stations are airing these, in your request, please note the number of markets and stations you will be airing these on.

In addition, if you have thoughts or comments on this topic, and if you receive any feedback from your clients, please share them by sending me an email at [email protected] or call me at (605) 310-2062.

We hope that you will “Do It”, and in return on October 13th & 14th, many of your listeners “Don’t Do It”!

Thank You for Supporting your Local Businesses and Communities!

Let’s Meet, Virtually!

I am excited and humbled to announce that ENS Media has been asked to present “virtually” during the Coffee with Consultants segment of the 2020 NAB/RAB Radio Show.

I will be sharing the virtual stage with some of the most noted radio sales and creative experts in the business.

The virtual Radio Show starts this coming Monday, October 5th, and runs the entire week. You can access the Coffee with Consultants series starting at 2 pm on Monday and view it anytime throughout the week.

The registration fee is only $50 for the entire weeks’ worth of valuable information. If you’re an RAB member, it’s $25.

To register for the 2020 Radio Show and see all activities, click 2020 Radio Show

To see the entire line-up of Coffee with Consultants speakers and presentations, click Coffee with Consultants Series.

The topic I will be presenting on is Recruitment Advertising titled, “How to Turn Radio Recruitment Advertising from Ho-Hum to Major Income”.

At the conclusion of viewing the 13-minute virtual presentation, we are offering you access to a completed worksheet and point of emphasis page that covers everything in the video. In addition, you will have the opportunity to receive a free sample of a presentation and proposal page.

This short video should help put you and your sellers on the road to grabbing your fair share of the huge recruitment dollars in your market.

If you have any questions after viewing the presentation, I would invite you to reach out to me via email or a phone call.

I figuratively hope to “virtually” see you next week!

I’m Pretty Proud of Them

This week I am going to take this time and space to say congratulations to a few very deserving people. At the same time, I hope to provide a small lesson on how to create great advertising for your clients.

First, as you may know, the Mercury Awards finalists were announced this past week. I am extremely proud to announce that two of my past sales reps and my first sales manager are all finalists. Jay Murphy (Haugo Broadcasting, Rapid City, SD) has a finalist entry in the Humor category. Mark Tollefson and Leigh Anglin (Results Radio – Townsquare Media, Sioux Falls, SD) are finalists in the Best Use of Music in an Ad category. All three of these individuals and I worked together for nearly 30 years at Results Radio, where I was the Sales Manager.

Here is the link to all the Mercury Award Finalists:

Let me be clear, I am not taking credit for any of this. All three of these individuals are super talented and I learned every bit as much, and maybe even more, from them as they ever learned from me. But, as we did and they still do at Results Radio, they work as a TEAM where the #1 goal is to get results for their advertisers.

Mark has worked with Sorlien Electric and has been creating and producing effective ads for them for nearly 20 years.  Actually, he has created many more ads for Sorlien and others that are as good as or even better than the one nominated.

Leigh has been a creative “genius” since the beginning of time and has been the brains behind many extremely creative and effective campaigns.

Jay recently moved on from Results Radio to become the SM for a group in Rapid City. Since his arrival, Rapid City has never heard a higher level of quality radio ads. Rapid City radio is better because of Jay.

How did they get to this level? They all have common denominators:  1) They all have a burning desire to help their clients succeed 2) They’ve been trained by the very best (Don Jacobs, GM Results Radio, Sioux Falls, SD and Roy H. Williams, aka, Wizard of Ads) and 3) They never stop learning and trying to get better. If you were to ask Jay, Mark, or Leigh how they create these types of campaigns, they might say, “Ask a lot of deep questions”, “Don’t worry about what others think”, “Just write, be creative”, and “Do what’s right for the client”!

 Thank you for letting me brag on these great and talented people. They deserve the recognition.

 Congrats to Mark, Leigh, Jay… and Don!

I’m pretty proud of them!

Self-Evaluation on Every Call

“Without proper self-evaluation failure is inevitable.”    – John Wooden

Hopefully, self-evaluation is something you do yourself or it’s a process your management team leads you through at least one time a year.

Do you self-evaluate every performance? Meaning, after every sales or service call that you make do you consciously ask yourself what you did well or what you could have done better?

If you are not doing this now, start! Conducting a quick self-evaluation immediately after a call will dramatically improve your overall performance.

Ask yourself, what did I do well? What things did I say, what facts, figures, or stats did I use that had a positive impact on the meeting? Did you complete your desired task for this call?

Likewise, was there any part of my performance that I wish I could undo? Did I spend too much time on small talk? Did I talk too much about our stations and not enough about his/her business? Did I cut him/her off? Did I talk too much, period?

Admitting to yourself that you did something wrong or that you have a flaw is never an easy thing. However, by doing so, it will help you to not repeat them.

There are hundreds of big and little things that we do on each call. By consciously asking yourself and conducting a self-evaluation after each and every call, it will help you better prepare for future meetings and ultimately make you a better salesperson.