A Lesson from the Cows

Today, I voted for…America!

…and if you’re from the US, I know you did too, regardless of which way or for whom you voted, even if it was different than I.

I ran across this Facebook post that a preacher friend of mine shared with me and I thought it was worth sharing with our readers. Several messages can be taken from this story, but for me, it was about being kind to everyone.

“Today was a hard day. A cow I call Rosie (brindle – red cow) had been in labor for too long and was in trouble. I left for the cow pasture before dawn to check on her and the whole way there I prayed. I asked God to give her a live calf. A few hours and a trailer ride later, God said no to my prayer. Even though his answer was no, he taught me a lot today. Loss is something that is inevitably going to happen if you own livestock. Our grief teaches us to appreciate the good. When I returned to the pasture with Rosie, something really extraordinary happened. I opened the trailer doors and she just stood there, head hung low and defeated. She was mourning. The other cows came to us and as many as would fit quietly loaded themselves in the trailer and stood there with her. Mind you, these are not tame pets, this was very unusual. They stood there silently with her on that trailer until she was ready to get off. She walked to the shade under a big oak, and every cow took turns laying their heads over her back, her neck, touching her nose with theirs. They grieved with her. I witnessed compassion between the animals I have come to know and love. Animals that some would say are not smart enough to know what happened. But they knew. So today God’s answer was no, but I have faith that his plan is good.”

Regardless of what part of the world you are from, this message is a lesson we all should embrace. It doesn’t matter what color skin we have, what economic background we grew up in or are in now, that we may have different beliefs and ideologies, whether I believe in the same God as you, and certainly not whether I have the same political preference as you. Kindness should be something that has no boundaries or prejudice.

When I was younger, I use to herd cows and more than once I would say, “come on you dumb cows”. Was I ever wrong!

I hope however the election ends up, that we ALL are as kind to one another as the cows were in this story!

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