Make America’s/Canada’s Payday Your Clients’ Payday

It’s really more of a pay “period”. January 27th through April 15th for U.S. residents, and January 1st through April 30th for our Canadian friends, these are the days a majority of us will file our 2019 taxes. This graph (U.S. tax refund statistics) shows that a large percentage procrastinate and file during the last week. Now, and for the next 3 months and beyond, many checks will be pouring in.

In 2019, 95.7 million Americans received a tax refund, and the average refund was $2725.00. In Canada, 18.7 million receive a refund with the average being approximately $1740. 2020 is expected to be very much the same.

So, what does everyone do with all this money, and more importantly, are you prepared to help your clients capture their fair share of it? This graph shows that regardless of what type of business your clients own, they stand a decent chance of being on the receiving end of some of this refund bonanza.

After realizing how much money is available, we now understand why auto dealers, furniture, bedding, and appliances stores all run “Tax Refund” events. But nearly every category whether it’s retail, service, or professional can get a share of these monies. As simple as it may sound, telling and specifically asking for part or all of their refund is the best way to increase their chances of getting it!

Now, your only job is to come up with an idea and present it to your prospects and clients. By doing so, you can turn America’s/Canada’s payday into YOUR payday!

If you would like help in creating a successful “Tax Refund” event for your clients, click here and we’ll send you our “14-Tips to a More Successful Tax Refund Sales Event”.