Radio, the ‘Last Click’ Promoter

Internet guru, Seth Godin says, “The last click someone clicks before they buy something isn’t the moment they made up their mind.”

The best marketers don’t rely upon online reviews or social media noise to make the sale for them.

Instead, they lay clues like breadcrumbs leading up to that last click. Everything from the word of mouth generated by creating a great customer experience, to building a brand with traditional and online media, casts a long pre-click shadow for a business…a shadow that doesn’t change with that last click.

Do your sales staff know how to position radio’s powerful role in that line of breadcrumbs? Or, are they out there claiming your station is the number one breadcrumb to advertisers who don’t understand the role of those clues and still credit the sale to that ‘last click.’

The secret to creating more revenue for your stations is to train your salespeople how to position the strategic role of intrusive radio advertising to create a pre-need pre-search preference for your advertisers in the minds of your listeners.