What You Do and Say Now Will Determine the Future

As the “R” word looms, we enter one of the most unknown and unprecedented times our business economy has ever witnessed.

The forced closings of schools, restaurants, bars, self-regulated closings of many retail businesses, the reduced capacity and limits to gatherings, millions working from home, will all have a trickle-down and trickle-across effect on nearly every person and every business in every category.

As advertising professionals, how you handle the coming days and weeks will greatly determine how your clients and prospects will look at you, what they will think of you and if or not they will do business with you once we come out on the other side of this storm.

Will you continue to prospect and be professional while doing so? Now is not the time to stop prospecting; Build for the future.

Will you show and display sincere patience and understanding of their situations? Business owners are scared and not sure what they are going to do in all aspects of their business, not just advertising. Listen to them, talk with them, make sure they understand you are there to help in any way you can.

Will you simply ask for their business, or ask deeper questions? Help uncover what they can do to maintain business. Help them find niche areas to promote and advertise.

Will you offer canned packages, or well-thought ideas? Be different than those just “selling”! It MUST be about them. Sell with purpose, now more than ever!

Will you serve your clients like never before? Update their ad copy, conduct brainstorm sessions, help create sales initiatives.

Will you remain professional when they say they need to cancel?

Will you work with them when they say they can’t pay their invoice in full right now? Remember, you are not just competing for collections with other media, but with every vendor they do business with. Hardball collection tactics will not win or earn you any business in the future.

Everything you do and say in the coming days and weeks will determine the future. Proceed with professionalism, patience, and compassion!

Ultimately, will your stations be the ones that support the business community?

We have written a new 60-second “Buy Local” promo that encourages everyone in your cities and communities to support your local businesses during these tenuous times. Showing your support during these difficult times can and will pay huge rewards later!

If you would like a FREE copy of this “Buy Local” promo, email [email protected].

(Note: This will not be available to markets where ENS Media has current clients.)