Who’s Promoting YOU?

Do you promote your stations and/or yourself? I mean really promote, more than the one or two times a year when you’re running a station promotion that you sell ad packages for?

The fact is that most radio stations don’t!  But yet every day we strongly suggest to business owners that they should promote their businesses via the radio on a regular, ongoing basis. In fact, many suggest to their clients and prospects that they should advertise 52-weeks a year and never take a break.

I’ve often stated that if radio could have a do-over, you know, go back in time and start over again, there would be two things that if our industry did differently would make all the difference in the world. One is… Promote ourselves in the same manner that we ask business owners to promote themselves.

Here’s another question… If you don’t promote your stations or group regularly on your own stations, why should we expect the businesses we deal with to believe that promoting/advertising is the right thing to do for themselves?

I can only assume you believe in the power of radio. If so, prove it! Your station or your group of stations should be your biggest advertiser! Are they?

Easier said than done, right?

Promoting your stations and/or yourself on a regular basis not only takes effort but thought. We can help you with both! We make it very easy and VERY affordable.

If you would like to become one of the very few stations or groups that promotes themselves regularly, give us a call or email [email protected] to arrange a time to talk.

Oh yeah… and the other thing our industry should have done differently? We’ll talk about that in a future issue.