I’m Guilty!

We had a plumbing problem last week and to solve our problem I went online to find the phone number for a plumber I had heard advertised.
When I called, the inside sales person asked, “Where did you get our phone number?”  Of course I answered “on the internet.”
It all happened so fast, and the question was so loaded, that I didn’t realize until after I hung up that I had given credit for the sale to the internet, even though it was radio that motivated me to choose that particular plumber.
The interviewer never asked the important second question which is, “What made you choose our company over all of the others online?” and I neglected to go the next step and elaborate on the process that drove me to search for their particular number online.
In the old days, businesses credited Yellow Pages with sales by asking that same question, and now I found myself guilty of proliferating the “power of search” myth….I’m ashamed of myself.  I never gave credit to the radio station that aired that plumber’s campaign; that campaign was the reason why I preferred that plumber over the long list of competitors revealed by Google.
In our “Winning in the New Media Economy” seminars, we are able to prove with actual local research, that the best S.E.O. (search engine optimization) is S.O.M. (share of mind).
Our in-market research proves that most people do not click on the first name a search engine reveals if they have not heard of that name. The majority will scan their search engine results in favour of clicking on a name they recognize.
We also use actual local case studies and proven marketing basics to persuade more businesses that in the electronic age, print is obsolete.  All they need is broadcast to inspire and internet to inform. We have captured literally millions of print dollars from newspapers, yellow pages, brochures and more, in favor of our broadcast and internet media mix.
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