Prepare for Battle – Support Your Local Retailers

I can hear it now, the battle cry inside the walls of Amazon, Wayfair, and all the other e-commerce companies sounds something like this, “Let’s take another BRICK out of the Brick N Mortars”.

What’s up for grabs this holiday shopping season? $1,000,000,000,000 – That’s ONE TRILLION DOLLARS!

The e-commerce companies are licking their chops. With six fewer shopping days this year, they are looking to make an even bigger impact than in previous years.

If you are in charge of the inventory at your radio or TV station, you have a choice. You can ignore it and let the e-commerce companies whittle away at your lifeblood (Local Direct Clients), or you can stand up and fight for them. It’s not just the retail business owners you are supporting, it’s your local communities, it’s citizens, and all the other non-retail businesses you’re fighting for.

Why fight back against Amazon and the e-commerce enterprises? It’s simple! In most cases, they don’t support your communities. They pay little to no taxes; they don’t sponsor the local clubs, ball teams, non-profits or local events; they provide zero employment, and they hurt your retail businesses. If that’s not enough reason, I don’t know what would be.

We’ll even make it easy for you. We have written two new radio scripts that promote your listeners to buy local this holiday season. One can run for the entire shopping season and the other is to promote “Small Business Saturday” (Nov 30th).

If you would like a free copy of these scripts, simply click here and request.

Your local business owners will think you are a hero for airing these messages and if they aren’t already, they may be more apt to advertise with you in the future. It’s called Psychological Reciprocation!

You have a choice – I hope you choose to “Stand Up and Fight” for your local retailers and communities!