The Game of Search and Click

We have all had clients tell us they “surveyed” their customers about how they found them. In today’s New Media World, digital tends to garner the majority of the credit.

To a degree, this is a justified response. After all, in many cases, digital was the last medium the customer may have used. But, WHY did they click on the chosen business name?

When you receive this reply from your client, ask them to look at their google analytics and see what “words” are most often used to search their business. Without fail, the #1 word(s) used to search for their business will be the NAME of their business. This is despite all the fancy and creative keywords or SEO tactics they may have paid for.

ENS Media’s TOMA surveys prove that people will click on a name they are familiar with 72% of the time, even when it’s lower on the page. This is compared to clicking on an unfamiliar name at the top of the page only 4% of the time. Search Engine Journal confirmed this in their study stating, “nearly 70 percent of U.S. consumers said they look for a ‘known retailer’ when deciding what search results to click on”. They also stated, “Branding is our only hope for conducting better SEO”.

No advertising can brand a business name better than Radio.

Being known before being needed is paramount in the game of “Search and Click”. In today’s New Media World, TOMA is more important than ever!

The ENS Media local TOMA surveys prove to business owners that intrusive broadcast advertising is the best way to create pre-search name awareness.

Our TOMA surveys and seminars also uncover hundreds of new prospects, and train media reps six simple ways to use TOMA as a powerful radio sales tool.

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