Don’t Do It!

This is a special edition of ENS on Sales.

If you haven’t already heard, this coming Tuesday and Wednesday is Amazon’s “Prime Day”. Prime Day is normally held in July, but because of COVID was postponed until October.

If you have been a reader of ENS on Sales over the past few years, you know our stance on Amazon and it’s Prime Day. Since I took over ENS Media and well before, I have preached every chance I get about the effects Amazon has on our local businesses and our cities, towns, and communities.

I know that not everyone will agree with this stance and you will choose to not participate in airing ads that oppose “Prime Day” and Amazon. We respect your choice but keep in mind, this isn’t so much an attack on Amazon as it is standing up for your local businesses and communities.

The goal of airing this ad is two-fold: One, if you can get a handful of people to stop buying on Amazon, it will in-turn help your local businesses and therefore help your communities. Two, it shows your clients and prospects that your station(s) are standing up and fighting for them. For many, you are fighting for their survival. They will LOVE you for doing this.

We hope that hundreds of you will choose to air this ad in support of those businesses that support you with their local ad dollars.

To request the script “Don’t Do It”, click here and we will send it to you immediately. Feel free to edit this script any way you see fit.

So that we can estimate how many stations are airing these, in your request, please note the number of markets and stations you will be airing these on.

In addition, if you have thoughts or comments on this topic, and if you receive any feedback from your clients, please share them by sending me an email at [email protected] or call me at (605) 310-2062.

We hope that you will “Do It”, and in return on October 13th & 14th, many of your listeners “Don’t Do It”!

Thank You for Supporting your Local Businesses and Communities!