Preventative Maintenance  

One of the most iconic advertising slogans ever produced was for Fram Oil Filters, “You can pay me now, or pay me later”. The simple but powerful message was, proper maintenance of your vehicle will save you lots of money and headaches down the road.

So, how does that translate to media sales? Imagine for a minute that one of your biggest accounts just announced they intend to make some drastic cuts. They currently use several radio groups, outdoor, and TV in their traditional media portfolio. When this happens, sometimes we know they are simply fishing for a “better deal”.

However, if they are truly making cuts, more than likely the client was already forming hard-to-change perceptions on which media or media rep they should cut long before that cut-back announcement was made.

“Preventive maintenance” is always more effective, and less costly, than “damage control”. It will not only save you money, but also a ton of headaches and heartaches!

Do you have a preventive maintenance program or does all of your energy go into making the sale, looking for new business, and damage control?

A well-planned system of bringing “value” to your customers and being a resource to them rather than simply selling them and sending them invoices is key to keeping them, especially when it comes time to make cuts.

ENS Media’s SoundADvice Program is a proven system that will help media reps and stations build powerful relationships with their clients and prospects.

If you’re surprised by a cancellation or cutback, it’s probably because you didn’t have a preventive maintenance program. Here’s a recent testimonial that speaks directly to how SoundADvice can help keep YOU from the chopping block:

Good morning, Rick.

Thank you for the scripts. We record them every week featuring a different sales team member and they are being well received by clients.

We had a local body shop that had pulled his 15+ year consistent annual ($xx,000/year) at the start of all this COVID craziness. A few weeks ago, he called our team member to have him come back in to talk about getting back on because he said he AND his staff have been listening to the SoundADvice messages and they really speak to them. 

Great stuff!

One of our most recent subscriber’s comments on the pricing of SoundADvice was… “Wow, why wouldn’t we do it!”

If you would like to implement a preventative maintenance program, click here to arrange a time to visit, or call Rick at (605) 310-2062 to learn more about our SoundADvice Program.