Self-Evaluation on Every Call

“Without proper self-evaluation failure is inevitable.”    – John Wooden

Hopefully, self-evaluation is something you do yourself or it’s a process your management team leads you through at least one time a year.

Do you self-evaluate every performance? Meaning, after every sales or service call that you make do you consciously ask yourself what you did well or what you could have done better?

If you are not doing this now, start! Conducting a quick self-evaluation immediately after a call will dramatically improve your overall performance.

Ask yourself, what did I do well? What things did I say, what facts, figures, or stats did I use that had a positive impact on the meeting? Did you complete your desired task for this call?

Likewise, was there any part of my performance that I wish I could undo? Did I spend too much time on small talk? Did I talk too much about our stations and not enough about his/her business? Did I cut him/her off? Did I talk too much, period?

Admitting to yourself that you did something wrong or that you have a flaw is never an easy thing. However, by doing so, it will help you to not repeat them.

There are hundreds of big and little things that we do on each call. By consciously asking yourself and conducting a self-evaluation after each and every call, it will help you better prepare for future meetings and ultimately make you a better salesperson.